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Lift Tone Burn

In preparation for my wedding I needed to do some sort of workout but didn’t know how and where I would find the time.

I found this studio through Instagram Pure Barre and it was really close to my apartment. I decided in July 2016 that I would give it a try and hope that this would be the help I needed to get fit for my wedding.

All of my youth I played many different spots but mainly soccer. I played through college and even on some co- Ed adult leagues. I did however become inflicted with many injuries over the years.

I took up running and decided that I wanted to train and run for half marathons. I have run probably about 10 different half marathons but my knees are in terrible shape.

Pure Barre I was hoping would be my answer to fitness. I opted for a 1 month unlimited pass. I took my first class on a Saturday and haven’t looked back since. I typically start my day with a 6am pure Barre class which runs for an hour. It has been such a great experience. I have been lifting timing and burning for about 9 months and I love it.

Here I am after finishing my 100th class.



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